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Monday, May 15, 2006

Chronicles of Caledon; Sword of Souls

I recently found a very interesting site of what apears to be a new author and a series of a super-cool storyline I would like to share. The author is of one Douglas S. Taylor and his bio is also on the website at

The series and the web site seemed to be called "Chronicles of Caledon" and the first book is called "Sword of Souls". Gosh, you can read all about it, and the newsletter is explosive and very creative. I found the sample eBook very creative, the story is of a small boy called Lithius in a very dark world. The sample also introduces the series and the prelogue offers an additional background about the author, his mind set, and what drove or lead him to a "place" to write this stuff.

As far as the full version of the "Sword of Souls" or any additional information about the book, the series, and the author could be read on his site. I found that the site was very easy to navigate and free from 3rd party advertisements. The artwork is rich of the site and the atmosphere added greatly to the experience.

I would recommend this site, the author, and certainly this series. Hey what the heck, download the stuff for yourself, it's free anyway!


Blogger Dimester said...

I went to the site as listed here in this article. I was thrown right into a new sci-fi world. I really liked the entire site and I did not leave it until every stone was unturned. I also like not only the free download, but the thoughful commentary in the newsletter about the B.S. in the midwest and that of South Dakota. Mr. Taylor, Rage On!

5:17 PM

Blogger Chronicles of Caledon said...

Hey I'm a fan, thanks for the additional info dudes. I have a blog about it at my site too!

12:24 PM


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